Despite COVID-19, the District Signature Project is moving forward. 1,225  iPads have been granted to date.  New clubs have supported the project and applications are still coming in. We have received many applications
from the Milwaukee area but it seems like the Milwaukee clubs have not or are not meeting. 

A great number of clubs have canceled their fundraisers which makes it difficult to carry out budgeted plans. Some clubs had savings available to continue funding projects.  Due to virtual learning, the need for children with learning disabilities to have access to an iPad is more important than ever. Delayed acceptance of a grant application only creates more stress for these children by not having access to an iPad to facilitate communication.

Our goal when this project was started was to grant 1,000 iPads and raise $500,000 to do it. We have exceeded these expectations at 1,225 iPads granted and more than $600,000 raised. With hopes of this pandemic coming to an end and normalcy returning, clubs can move forward with supporting this project. We hope to reach a level of 1,500 iPads granted and $1,000,000 raised in the WI-UM Kiwanis District. If we could average five iPads granted per club over the next Kiwanis year we could meet this goal.

Hats off to the clubs that are continuing with this project for this greatly helps the image of Kiwanis in their communities. I have heard of clubs who have gained new members as a result of this project. What a great way for Kiwanis to help children in need! I commend all the clubs that have supported this project and continue to do so.

Kiwanis Autism Project District Chair Lynn Messer can be reached by phone at 920-946-0652 or by email at [email protected].