Our son received an iPad from the Kiwanis Club of Marinette and now has 10 buttons on his communication app on his iPad that he uses consistently and appropriately. His favorite ones are now “cheese” and “walk”. He requests his “cheese” (which is a babybel mini cheese) and I say yes, go get a cheese! And he will go to the fridge and bring me back one to open for him. With “walk”, he always requests it from Nate because Nate will pop him in the stroller and take him for a nice long walk around town. He will push the button, say, and sign for “walk”. Almost all of the buttons he has he will repeat the word after it is said, so this is a huge leap and amazing progress for him!

– Mother of iPad recipient

Our club’s participation in the Kiwanis Autism Project is at the top of my list as being the most meaningful service project in my 37 years in Kiwanis. To see the faces of these youngsters light up and be so totally engrossed in working through the various iPad Mini Apps reflects how such a project helps and supports students on the autism spectrum.

– Gary Miller, Kiwanis Club of Fabulous Fond du Lac Youth Services Chair


We are writing to extend our greatest appreciation for the donation of the iPad Mini, case, stand and gift cards for the software apps for Darby Ferguson. This donation has greatly helped in his learning of communication and socialization with others. Once exposed to the iPad and apps, Darby showed great interest and has been using the device during daily events in his life. He has learned to communicate his wants and needs through the communication app and has learned an array of daily skills by learning through video models that have been video recorded onto the device. The gains that Darby has made over the last couple weeks have been exceptional and we cannot wait to see what his future holds ahead. Thank you so very much for the donation of the iPad and accessories to Darby. His progress would not be possible if not for the help from you and your club members. Our greatest appreciation is extended to you all.

– Rebecca Ferguson (Darby’s mom) and Samantha Zellner (Darby’s therapist)


On June 10, Madison East Kiwanis awarded an iPad to four-year-old Jocelyn of Cottage Grove. This was our first award and it was amazing to watch Jocelyn go from a child who was on the move at all times. Her father tried to read to her, but she wouldn’t sit. Then her teacher tried to get her to sit in her favorite rocking chair but again she wouldn’t calm down. As soon as she was given the iPad she sat and focused on it for 10 minutes, identifying pictures and reading words.

– Karen Bailey, Madison East Kiwanis Club

This note from the parent of a recipient just made our day!:
“We have some money we would like to donate to iPads for Autism. It is money from my grandfathers memorial. After he passed away my family decided to give some of the money received to the Autism charity of our choosing. We chose yours because it has helped us directly, it is an immediate part of our community and we want to help others receive this gift as well! Let me know how to get it to you. Thanks, Sam”

I am thrilled beyond words that the Kiwanis Autism project will benefit our local family and student. You cannot imagine how delighted her teacher is nor how important this will be in her daily life needs. We have accessed new avenues of communication, thought and emotions from Riley through the iPad apps at school. To know that this will now be a part of his life out of school hours is truly amazing. Thank you, Lynn, for the opportunities being provided to kids like Riley and their families; your passion, vision and hard work with the Kiwanis Autism Project are making an incredibly positive difference.

– Ann Roy, Director of Special Education, School District of Sheboygan Falls

I am very excited that my young student’s application was accepted. I really do think that this will make a difference in his learning of academic and social communication skills. His mom could not have done this for him on her own but I know she will use it at home with him and we plan that he will use it at school as well. Although an alternative learner and probably not grasping that he will be receiving an IPad, it was fun to see how excited he was to have the chance to select a green case. He will be very excited to play with his new IPad, but I know that he will be using it to learn lots this year and for many years to come. Many thanks to the Ripon Kiwanis Clubs.

– Debbi Konecny, Early Childhood Teacher, Ripon Area School District 

iPads have opened the door to communication and learning for children with autism as no other device ever has. It is truly a voice for children who have too long been silent. With the iPad, children can interact with family and friends, can show what they know using the plethora of available apps and most importantly they gain social status as peers love to see what’s on their iPad and communicate, play and learn together. iPads have opened our minds and hearts to a new understanding of autism. Every child with autism deserves the opportunity to use an iPad and have the ability to communicate, learn and participate fully in social experiences that enrich their quality of life.Thank you to the Kiwanis for undertaking this meaningful initiative. The ripple effect will be very rewarding for individuals, families and communities.

– Dr. Maxine Towle, Special Education Director, Mukwonago Area Schools