by Lynn Messer, 2012-2013 District Governor and WI-UM Kiwanis District Signature Project Chair

The WI-UM District Signature Project is moving forward and is stronger than ever. The goal of 1,300 iPads granted to children on the autism spectrum was exceeded two months before the District Convention!  1,310 iPads have been granted as of mid-June.

The demand for iPads this past year has been amazing and the requests continue to come in. This project promotes the WI-UM Kiwanis District and directly supports the Kiwanis goal of changing the world one child and one community at a time. Kiwanis has changed the lives of these children by giving them the ability to communicate and become an asset in their communities.

Not only have we changed these children’s lives but the lives of their siblings, their parents and their parents’ employers. This project has positively impacted thousands of people since it started in 2012. What a great way to promote what Kiwanis does in the District!

This project was originally the 2012-2013 Governor’s Project. It has been the District Signature Project for the
past four years and will be coming up for a vote at the District Convention to remain the Signature Project for
the next five years.

Autism is not going to go away. Children who are diagnosed on the spectrum will continue to need a device such as an iPad to help with communication. I thank all clubs that continue to support the project and also clubs that have just recently come on board. It is rewarding to hear positive feedback from children who have received an iPad and from their parents, caregivers, siblings and therapists.

If you attend this year’s Delegate Session at the District Convention, please vote to continue the autism project as the District’s Signature Project for the next five years. Kiwanis Autism Project District Chair Lynn Messer can be reached by phone at 920-946-0652 or by email at [email protected].