We recently received some notes – and we are so grateful for their words of kindness, that we wanted to share them.

Sonita Macachor, mother of recipient Warren:
“Hello Don, My son, Warren received a mini iPad from Appleton Kiwanis- Golden K. We were very grateful to all who contributed to making this possible. He has been using it every day and it has given him a voice to express his needs. He is doing so well with it and is progressing with his use of it for communicating.”
(Note: this email was part of a request for a replacement, due to the original iPad breaking. A replacement was provided by another source.)

Polly Vandenboogaard, Director of Pupil Services, Appleton Area School District:
“iPads have multiple uses for students including serving as a communication device.”

Rissa Pierce, Assistant Director, Connections LLC, School for Autistic Kids:
“Is there anything you can do to help the Lopez family get some sort of replacement for [recipient]? The iPad is really the only form of communication he has right now and was greatly benefiting him.”

James Buese, father of recipient Jace Peters:
“He loves the iPad, it calms him down from frustrating times and helps him learn new things as well.”

Bai Chang, mother of recipient Yengchi:
“Thank you for giving Bai a voice!”

April Welbes, mother of recipient Sawyer:
“We just want to thank you again for Sawyer’s new iPad & accessories. We all haven’t stopped smiling the entire day thinking what a great gift and experience this has been. First thing Sawyer said when he got home from school was ‘iPad.’ I have downloaded so many learning apps that I think he will benefit from and he’s expressing such an interest in them. We are so beyond grateful for everyone’s generosity. Thanks again and have a great night.”
(Note: April also asked for pictures from the presentation of the iPad for her photo album.)